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Intentional Car Damage

If someone intentionally damaged my insured vehicle with a weapon say a rod or brick and the culprit is caught, who will compensate for the loss? Culprit or insurance company? You can report the claim to your insurance company and if you have comprehensive coverage they should pay.  They would then try and collect against the culprit. … Read More »

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Do I Need Earthquake Insurance in North Texas?

In the past 30 days there have been a total of 25 Earthquakes near Dallas, Texas. 16 of the 19 Earthquakes happened in Irving with three others happening in University Park, Midlothian and Farmers Branch. According to Earthquake Track, only two reached a magnitude over 3 (3.6 and 3.1). Currently in North Texas, Earthquake is not a covered peril on most… Read More »

What is Umbrella Insurance?

We are frequently asked what is Umbrella Insurance? It is also referred to as an Umbrella Insurance Policy or an Umbrella Policy. A personal umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide additional insurance liability for injuries to other people or damage to their property. If a covered person has an accident in a car and… Read More »

Property Management and E & O Insurance

In the past 6 months, I have been asked by the Realtor Community about Property Management more than any other topic.  The average E&O Policy is over 30 pages, but there are two sections to look at when pinpointing coverage.  While they vary by policy, this is what we find most often Who is an… Read More »

Will this make my auto insurance go up?

This question came from one of our readers. Question: My car was damaged by an unknown person so I’m claiming on my insurance. Will my rates increase? This is the 2nd. time this happened Answer: As a general rule, your insurance rates should not increase after a not at-fault accident.  The rates could increase however… Read More »

A Question About Depreciation

This question came to us from one of our readers. Question My fence was partly blown down and I have that type of extended coverage. State Farm wants to replace part of the enclosure applying depreciation. Can I just get fence repair,therefore, no depreciation? Answer Depreciation is the difference between the cost to replace and… Read More »

Watch Out for Fire!

Fire Warning! Warning:Storage of old paints, varnishes, stains, and household cleaning products can ignite a fire. Do not store pressurized aerosols or flammable items in a hot shed or garage. As the mercury rises, so does the chance for spontaneous combustion. It could happen to you! Judy’s client stained the outdoor children’s playground equipment on… Read More »